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hands in my pocket,

eyes to the sun.

19 November 1989
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Leaving and left.
(formerly, and parts of.)

I've gone away, don't call me don't write.

3 am, 5 am, abstract, accordions, aching for deserts, aesthetics, affordable art, alcohol, alcoholics, alleys, altered states of consciousness, amusement parks, anti-christ, apocalyptic skies, art, autumn, beverages, breathing, broken things, calm, candles as light source, canvas, chain smoking, cigarettes, cities, city lights, classical music, co-sleeping, coffee, contemplation, creating, crows, death, deception, disasters, dissection, drugs, early morning abandoned streets, ego, empty notebook whispers, exhaust, exhaustion, fall, fingerless gloves, fire escapes, freedom, glue, green tea, hands, hate, heart, heart-aches, hearts, hiding, i love you, i loved you, icons, indie rock, individuality, inside jokes, insomnia, intuition, irony, lies, life, lighters, lj friends aren't therapists, loneliness, longlong sleeves, love, lovers, lucky strikes, lungs, midnight, movies, never knows best cigarettes, notebooks, novels, orgasms, painting, paper, paradox, patched-up hearts, patterns, pavement/concrete, pencils, people flirting with rain, photography, photos, pianos, poetry, quiet, rain, reading, reckless bohemian lifestyle, rooftops, scribbling, shadows, shyness, sidewalks, silver forks, skies, sleeves, sleeves & cuffs, smoke, strangers, street art, suicide, sunrise after all-nighters, taking trains and trams, television at 4am, the national, the sky & skies, the smell of rain, those fucking walls, tin or wood boxes, torn battered half-lived books, trains, truth, unbearably pretty persons, unlined paper, wallflowers, wandering, wet eyelashes, writing, you